Know the timing for Puri Jagannath Temple Darshan and save time with our guide. Bus, Train, Cab rates and tips for easy darshan.

Know the best times and important days to visit Puri Jagannath Temple and the timing chart for every day. Plan your visit properly so that you can completely enjoy and have a pleasant Darshan of this Holy Dham. Know how to reach by bus, train or flight. Cheaper accommodation options and process to book at Yatri Niwas.

puri jagannath temple darsahn

The timing of Puri Jagannath Temple:

puri temple rush

DayOpen TimeClose TimeCrowd
Monday6 AM10 PMAverage
Tuesday6 AM10 PMLow
Wednesday6 AM10 PMLow
Thursday6 AM10 PMLow
Friday6 AM10 PMLow
Saturday6 AM10 PMHigh
Sunday6 AM10 PMVery High

Strictly following timetable is quite impossible in practical day to day activities & the timetable also changed On festive days due to special pujas. Ratha Yatra is the best time in a year to visit Srikhetra Puri.

There is no entry fee charged for entering into the temple. No ticket is required, Darshan is completely free of cost. Also you can keep your mobiles and goods for free near Lions gate near barricade.

Ritual Timing in Details:

Timing Puja Name Details
5 a.mDwara Pala Puja and Mangal AaratiIn presence of Particular Sevayats, the door opens early in the morning. Check the "seal" & open the door. Then Mangal Aarati is performed.
6 a.m.Mailam"Mailam" means change or removal of dresses and flowers, Tulsi leaves etc. Which worn on the previous night
6 a.m. to 6.30 a.m.AbakashBrushing of teeth and bath is known as "Abakash". Based on Temple Jyotisha timing day's rituals are performed.
6.45 a.m.MailamSebayats change their clothes and wear another set of clothes. A sevak known as "Akhanda Mekap" keeps in the sanctum Akhanda Baitha
7 a.m. to 8 a.mSahanamelaThis is an one hour which spent to facilitate pilgrims to go up to "Ratnavedi" or inner sanctums to have a Darshan, without paying fees for it. On certain festive days, Sahanamela is held after Evening Puja. Some times this darshan is not allowed for some special pujas
8 a.mBeshalagiAfter Sahanamela the deities are again dressed up with gold and precious stones to suit different festive occasions
8 a.m. to 8.30 a.mRosha Homa Surya Puja and DwarapalSome sevayats do "Rosha Homa" (Fire Sacrifice) at the kitchen and "Surya puja" at the surya temple near "Mukti Mandap". Then the images of two gate keepers named Jaya and Vijaya on the entrance of the Jagamohan of the Temple are worshipped.
9 a.mGopala Ballava PujaSebayats are offered sweet Khai, Khualadus, Kora, Ripe banana, Curd etc. as bhogas.
10 a.mSakala Dhupa(Morning food offering)This is one more morning bhoga, which are Pitha Puli, Hansakeli, Kanti, Enduri, Matha Puli, Kakatua Jhili, Bundia, Kadali Bhaja, Ada Pachedi etc. Bhogas are also called "Raja Bhoga" or "Kotha Bhoga
10 30 a.mMailam and Bhoga MandapBehind the Garuda pillar of Jagannath This Puja takes places in "Bhoga Mandap". Huge quantity of Bhogas such as Rice, Dal, Curries, Saga and Cakes of different kinds etc. are offered to the Deitie. This bhoga is mainly prepared to meet the need of different Mathas and for sale to the general public.
11 a.m. to 1 p.mMadhyanha (Afternoon food offering)This puja is performed in the afternoon. The Bhoga items are more than the Morning Dhupa. You can go near to the "Ratna Simhasan" for darshan by paying special Darshan fee (Rs.10/-)
1 p.m. to 1.30 p.mMadhyanha PahudhaIf time permits & all rituals have been performed in time the n, the Deities retire for the afternoo
6 p.mSandhya AaratiIn the evening again aaratis are performed after Madhyana Dhupa Mailam. On special days like Ekadashi, the deities change their clothes and wear another set after "Aarati" is ove
7 p.m. to 8 p.mSandhya Dhupa After "Sandhya Aarati" again Bhogas are offered to the deities in the same manner like Sakala and Madhyanha Dhupa but this time Bhoga amount is less in q. After Puja Mangala Aarati perfomed
9.30 pm to 10 p.m Mailam and Chandana lagiAfter "Sandhya Dhoopa" deities change their clothes and are annointed with Sandal paste mixed with champhor, keshar and Kasturi.
11 p.m to 11.30 p.mBadashringar VeshaAfter Chandan lagi, deities are dressed with Baralagi Patta (silken robes on which some portions of Geeta Govinda of Jayadev are woven in to the texture of these robes) and flower ornaments.
11 p.mBadashringara BhogaThis is the last bhoga of the day. Puja is offered with Pancha Upachar by the Puja Pandas with Pakhal (watered rice), Kadali bada, Kshiri, Kanji etc
12 a.mKhata Seja Lagi and PahudaThe Deity of "Sayan Thakura" is carried from Bhandarghar to Ratnavedi or Ratnasimhasana and place the deity near Lord Jagannath. Then follows offering of green coconut, betels and camphor aarati and then deities retire to their beds. The door is sealed. Temple is closed and no visitors or outsiders are allowed to remain inside

How to reach Puri:

Puri is 60km away from Bhubaneswar Airport, Odisha. So for Flight travelers, you can book ticket to Biju Patnaik International Airport and book cab or taxi (Ola Outstation) or reach nearby bus stop from where you can find both AC and NON-AC bus regularly.

If you are traveling by train or Bus, Temple is just 2km from Puri Railway station and 2.5km from the bus stand. You can travel by walk or be using battery auto or rickshaw. Don’t go by auto as it will drop your 1km away from the temple.

If you have Google Maps app you can navigate and measure the distance to your place from this link.

Bhubaneswar Airport/Station – Puri by Bus:

Now you can get Mo Bus service by Odisha Govt directly from airport and bus stand as an express route and save money and time.

puri mo bus service

(Image credits: Soham)

You can find Bus timings and route details on the official app here.

Bus fare for Mo Bus Express service:

puri bus fare crut

(This Mo Bus fare was last updated on May 2024, may vary slightly over time)

bus fare mo bus

Using Cab:

Both Ola & Uber outstation service is available to pick from any point at Bhubaneswar / Cuttack to Puri. The cost varies time to time but availability and service is good.

Dont forget to check dress code when you visit.

Bonus Tips for senior citizens:

June 2024 Update: Now all 4 dwars are open and no long queue but increasing rush expected.

Its a dream of most parents to visit all Dham and the recent beautification and Parikrama really adds value to all pilgrims however its still a challenge for senior citizens during rush and long queues. Only then you can try the following:

  1. Visit temple at late hours like 8pm and do parikrama and visit North gate and request the local authority near gate with genuine concern and mostly they do allow that way, usually no crown and shortest path during that time.
  2. Other way is to visit 8.30pm+ and make sure there is no local puja or event on that day, avoid Sunday also and check at the main entrance and if there is crown spend time around and do Parikrama, when the rush lowers or if no queues then only enter and it will be easier.
  3. At the darshan time it is usually too rush even when in queue, for the best view pick the line passes by the front (observe from far after entering) and chant “Jai Jagannath”, he will guide you for a pleasant darshan.

Yatri Niwas Pricing in 2024: Updated

You can prebook your stay at Temple administration based yatri niwas at affordable prices, though requires booking in advance depending time of the year. You can choose from Purushottam Bhakta Nivas, Neeladri Bhakta Nivas, Nilachala Bhakta And Yatri Nivas, Shree Gundicha Bhakta Nivas.

Link for booking online:


yatri niwas pricing for puri dham


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