Puri Rath Yatra 2024 Date – 7 July 2024 Sunday. Guide to visit and updates on puja, rituals.

Puri Jagannath Ratha yatra is one of the world-famous chariot festivals of Orissa. This is an annual event. Stay tuned for important dates and updates on this Utsav.

rath yatra 2024 updates

Jay Jagannath swami,
Nayan Path Gami, Bhava tume

This Festival is celebrated on Ashadha Shukla Paksha Dwitiya according to the traditional Oriya Calendar. It is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, his sister Goddess Subhadra and his elder brother Lord Balabhadra. This Festival is called Gundicha Yatra, Chariot Festival. Celebrate the Rath Yatra 2024 on 7th July this year.

Festival Summary:

Starts with the Chhera Pahara ritual

Deities carried to their respective chariots

Devotees pull the chariots to Gundicha Temple

Chariots remain at Gundicha Temple for 9 days

Return journey called Bahuda Jatra

2024 Updates: July 2024

ratha jatra 2024

Deva Snana Purnima Update:

Deva Snana Purnima of Jagannath Prabhu Today Devasnana Purnima / Jyeshtha Purnima is observed on the full moon day of this month. It is this day Snan Yatra of Prabhu Jagannath is done with 108 pots.

deva snana purnima

Now all 4 gates (Dwar) are open and no long queue but increasing rush is happening. Wait for further regulations on controlling such rush during darshan.

construction of ratha 2024

(Click to enlarge the photo)

Chandan Yatra celebration at Puri on 10th May 2024:

chandan jatra yatra 2 2024

chandan jatra yatra 2024

(Credits: Nigam Patra Photography)

Akhyaya Trutiya is the day of auspicious beginnings. Mahaprabhu’s Agyanmala is received. (Agyan-Consent, Mala-Garland)

There’s Ratha Katha Anukula. Ratha means Chariot and Katha means Wood, Anukula means Start.

ratha wood 2024

Important Dates: (updated on may 2024)

7th July: Shree Gundicha Jatra

11th July: Hera Panchami

15th July: Bahuda Jatra

16th July: Suna Besha

17th July: Niladri Bije

Know about Puri Jagannath Temple history and 5 unknown facts.

Previous few years updates:

This year Attraction of the Rath yatra is Flower decoration of Shri Mandir. Have a look this

Why Rath Yatra is Celebrated?

Every year the Lord Jagannath with his siblings take a cooling bath of  108 pots of water when they were unable to bear the heat inside the temple. This happens on Snana Purnima. Because of bathe, they fall ill every year and are kept in a recovery chamber called anasar ghar. Here Vaids (doctors) and the priests look after them and they are fed herbal medicines and khichdi which good when you are sick. When they recover they wish to eat the food cooked by their aunt Gundicha, whose house is a little away from his temple. So Jagannath, with his siblings, steps on his grand chariot and makes his way there. This is the start of the famous nine-day Jagannath Rath Yatra, visit their aunt and in this way.  It is also believed that deities come out of their abode to meet their devotees, even the ones that are not allowed inside.

This festival is not limited to India but also hugely celebrated outside India. Iconic cities like San Francisco USA, London England, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Tokyo, Russia, Nepal, New Zealand and more places.

The Three Chariots:

Lord Jagannath‘s chariot: Nandighosa 45.6 feet tall 18 wheels

Lord Balabhadra‘s chariot: Taladhwaja 45 feet tall 16 wheels

Goddess Subhadra‘s chariot: Devadalana 44.6 feet tall 14 wheels

Have a look of live Rath yatra-2018

Live stream links will be published during the event.

How People Celebrated Rath yatra in different states :

in Delhi

in Ahmedabad

in Bangalore

Hotel Near by Temples :

You can book Yatri Niwas at affordable prices using our guide here.

There many Hotels nearby the Temple. you can choose as per requirements. Here you can check with MakeMyTrip, Tripadvisor,  Oyo Rooms, You can also compare the hotel price at Trivago

Places to Visit near Jagannath Temple :

Many beaches and temples are there at and near Puri. Puri beach, Konark temple, Konark beach,  Chilika Lake, Sakshigopal temple, Pipili village, Shree Loknath temple and Gundicha Temple are some of the popular attractions near Jagannath temple, which must be visited.

Ways to reach Puri:

Puri is 60km away from Bhubaneswar Airport, Odisha. So for Flight travelers, you can book a ticket to Biju Patnaik International Airport and book cab or taxi (Ola Outstation) or directly us CRUT bus for AC travel at just Rs.200.

puri bus fare crut

(Bus fare updated on May 2024, prices may vary slightly over time)

If you are traveling by train or Bus, Temple is just 2km from Puri Railway station and 2.5km from the bus stand. You can travel by walk or be using battery auto or rickshaw. Don’t go by auto as it will drop your 1km away from the temple.

If you have Google Maps app you can navigate and measure the distance to your place from this link.

You can check  Puri Jagannath Temple darshan timings, How to reach full guide.

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